We offer the following services under the brand 'Bahçeci' as 'Finba Cold Storage Facilities'.

Cold Storage

Keeping Your Products Fresh, Healthy in Cold Rooms with Modern Technologies.

Remote Control

The system and the rooms of our cold storage facility are monitored from 7/24 distance.

Customer Support

We are committed to bringing the satisfaction of our customers and the trust that we have to us in the best possible way.

Product Plan

Placement plan of the products found inside is done.

Customer Information Confidentiality

Our customers are not informed about any of the 3 parties except the Request and Information.


We have a contract between our customers and our company.

Developing New Technological Research

We live in a century with a technologically changing technology. We are closely monitoring and implementing these technologies.



About Us

Finba Cold Storage Facility Agriculture Procuts Ürünleri Livestock Industry and Trade Limited Company

About Us

Our company was registered as 3 partners in March 2011. There are 1 cold room facility in the company. This facility has a closed area of 1,260 m2 and has a total capacity of 1,500 tons, 7 rooms and a pre-cooled corridor. Our facility was designed and built according to European Standards.


The company's general policy is to provide reliable, quality and healthy products and services directly to the customer. Along with the developing technology in this direction, to change and operate facilities to protect product freshness for a long time without sacrificing quality.


Fruit production is increasing in our region and in the world. It is not possible to keep the short ones of the fruit during the harvest. It does not compromise freshness when storing and storing these products. It is contributing to my country by keeping up with the developing agriculture industry and trading in these agricultural products. It is our company to provide a fast, clean, healthy and reliable facility in general purpose storage operations. 'Always fresh' is our company's mission.

Quality Certificates

We have 2 Quality Certificates.

1. ISO 22000:2005 ( Food Safety Management System Certificate)

2. ISO 9001:2015 ( Quality Management System Certificate)

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